Manny in a SF Giants uniform?

Can you picture Manny playing for the San Francisco Giants? Playing in cold weather and with a mediocre team? 

I can't! 

But the San Francisco Giants might move in and make a deal with Boras. They need a hot bat and after what Manny did for the Dodgers last season, the Giants could use the help.

But honestly how happy would Manny be in the city by the bay? It's cold in San Francisco and Manny can't carry the whole team. He needs a team to back up. Maybe a team like the Dodgers?


Dugout Daisy said...

from what I knwo from my inside source... Manny does NOT want to play for the Giants! Isn't that great to hear?! Now, if only his agent would get his head out of his you-know-what and let Manny sign with the Dodgers!

Anonymous said...

So...you are saying the Dodgers aren't a mediocre team?

Claudia said...

Of course they are not a mediocre team.