Let the Kids Play!


The Dodgers have lost four of their last five games. After San Diego swept
the Dodgers in a three-game series, I can’t help wonder...what the f*@k is going on?

I know, I know. We do have LaRoche, Garciaparra and Abreu on the DL (disabled list), but we have some good young kids on the roster.

So Torre, let the kids play!

Let me start with James Loney. With a batting average of .264, the kid is hot right now.

On Wednesday, Loney homers on a fly ball to right field.

Loney’s nine-game hitting streak is a career high, and leads the league.

And with Tony Abreu out, Chin-lung Hu has been playing great. Abreu may have trouble getting his utility job back from Hu.

Hu’s batting average of .333, proves that he is a great infield utility player, especially in the shortstop position.

Now Ethier, who has an average of .281, talks about the upcoming game against San Diego on Friday, in the game that Jake Peavy is scheduled to pitch.

“He executes all of his pitches. Obviously, it takes a good team game plan to overcome a pitcher like that.”

Ethier has been playing relatively good and knows what needs to be done in the series against San Diego.

With young players like Jonathan Broxton, James Loney and Matt Kemp, the Dodgers offense has to improve.

Now, don't forget about Blake DeWitt, who has been covering third base since Garciaparra and LaRoche have been on the DL. The rookie DeWitt has a decent batting average of .250.

As Nomar gets closer ro recovery, he will need to return to the Minor Leagues for a rehabilitation assignment, that could come as early as Friday.

Unfortunately for DeWitt, when veteran Garciaparra returns, DeWitt can expect a ticket back to the Minor Leagues.

Andy LaRoche, who under went surgery to repair a torn thumb ligament, has begun swinging the bat again, but throwing will be the most important hurdle he will need to overcome. Before he can throw, LaRoche can be looking at another month of healing.

Oh! I can't forget about the young pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, who is currently playing in the Minor Leagues. He could be a great addition to the Dodgers pitching rotation.

In his second career start, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda suffered his first loss.

After nearly six innings pitched, Kuroda was able to strike out four, but walked two. He hit one batter and allowed nine hits.

It is clear that offensively the Dodgers need help. On Wednesday, the Dodgers came up with three runs. But sadly, they went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring positions.

Furcal, who doubled and scored a run, said this was a good series for the Dodgers…a good series…. to forget.

(Click on the image for a great video.)

Furcal has a great batting average of .382. He currently has 13 hits and 5 doubles.
Currently, the National West League standings are as followed:

Arizona: 7 wins, 2 loses
San Diego: 5 wins, 5 loses
Colorado: 4 wins, 5 loses
Los Angeles: 4 wins, 5 loses
San Francisco: 3 wins, 6 loses

The Dodgers are off today. They will face San Diego at home on Friday. Starting pitcher Brad Penny will face Jake Peavy.



Jesse said...

My god! all of a sudden the Dodgers have become a team resembling the *gasp* Giants! Full of young, driven, and... talented young players who must go out and prove themselves. It is an exciting brand of baseball. Too bad about Garciaparra, Laroche, and Schmidt. But, personally, I think your team is (sadly) better off with kids like Kemp, Dewitt, and Kershaw getting a chance to prove they have what it takes. Damn Bums. For a revised look at who the young guys are to watch out for with the Giants, check out my other blog

Jesse said...

I forgot the period on the last sentence in my last post. I just found it in my pocket. There it is.