It Has Officially Started

Making the slow trek from the left and right-field bullpens, Dodger legends such as Carl Erskine, Ron Cey, Don Newcombe and Sweet Lou Johnson made their way to their original positions. Chavez Ravine was filled with cheers as more than three dozen Dodger greats stepped onto the field for the pre-Opening Day ceremony. Here's a video.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, fans were ecstatic when Fernando Valenzuela, Tommy Lasorda and Sandy Koufax emerged.

Delivering simultaneous ceremonial pitches, Erskine, Koufax and Newcombe threw the ball to catchers, Javier Herrera, Lasorda and Torre.

With the smooth voice of Vin Scully the game began…“And now, it’s time for Dodgers baseball!

The one-hundred-twenty-six-million-dollar-pitcher, Barry Zito faced starting pitcher, Brad Penny. The stage was set and the game began.

After the first scoreless inning pitched by Penny, the Dodgers were up to bat. Furcal hits a double. Kemp is up and with a single, it allows Furcal to score.

Up next, is the first 40-year-old player the Dodgers have had in the Opening Day lineup, Jeff Kent. The old-man proves that experience counts in the major leagues. Kent hits a homerun, allowing two more runs. The score is 3-to-0!

The Dodgers’ defense, pitching and hitting made it a great game. By the seventh inning the score was 5-to-0. Closer Takashi Saito was brought in, in the ninth inning to seal the game.

Brad Penny threw almost seven scoreless innings. 


In a recent article, Penny discloses how he struggled in his first game of the season. 

What is he talking about? He pitched great.

On Tuesday April 1st, the Dodgers did it again. With a 3-to-2 victory over the Giants in the ninth inning.

But not all was as calm and easy as it seemed. Third-base coach, Larry Bowa was ejected in the sixth inning after a heated confrontation with one of the umpires. The argument began when ump, Ed Montague told Bowa to keep within the coaching box boundaries. Watch the video.

Bowa has been suspended for three games and fined by the commissioner’s office on Wednesday.

After the game Tuesday, Bowa said:

I did it all Spring, nobody said a word. I did it yesterday, nobody said a word. It’s impossible to coach third and stay in the box with a runner at second.

Through it all, the Dodgers were able to gain the lead in the ninth inning when pinch hitter Delwyn Young came up to bat. With two outs and Furcal on second, Young’s infield hit was just enough to send Furcal home.

It was a beautiful way to end a crazy night.

Tonight the Dodgers hope to sweep the Giants.

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum will face Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsley.

April 2, 2008 Lineup

Rafael Furcal-Short Stop
Russell Martin-Catcher
Andre Ethier- Left Field
Jeff Kent- Second Base
Andruw Jones- Center Field
James Loney- First Base
Matt Kemp- Right Field
Blake DeWitt- Third Base
Chad Billingsley- Pitcher

The Dodgers are off Thursday. They head to San Diego on Friday for a three game series against the Padres.

On Monday, the Dodgers jet off to Arizona to face the 2007 National League West Division Champions, Diamondbacks. Opening Day at Chase Field has been sold out and less than 450 standing room only tickets are available.



myko said...
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myko said...

I grew up hating the Dodgers and the Lakers both and if Los Angeles had a football team I would hate them too. The Dodgers were despicable because they seemed so squeaky clean and arrogant like a bunch of cocky Hollywood CHIPs. It was always comforting to know the Yanks could beat them whenever they set their minds to it. Unfortunately that wasn't always the case. Still, it was just baseball.
After living in LA for a few years I managed to catch them a couple of times, mostly by sneaking in, and the fans are pretty rowdy for a West Coast crowd. Sitting in the cheap seats and rooting the visiting team one balmy evening I tried to come up with a scenario whereby I could root for the Lakers, and here it is:
The franchise goes into the tank for many years and becomes the laughing stock of the league. The team owner wills all company profits to needy children around the world. My only son (as far as I know) becomes the star of the team and takes them back into contention. Aliens land and demand a one game match up with them upon which rests the fate of humanity. Only then might I consider rooting for them that one time, but I still wouldn't feel right about it.
So consider your Dodgers in my relative good graces.