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Trying to decide what I wanted my blog to be about was frustrating. I found that I had a lot of ideas but was not sure if I could keep up a blog on a particular subject for the whole semester. So I've decided to create this blog on the Los Angeles Dodgers. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about this upcoming season.

So as the new 2008 baseball season begins to close in on us, I can't help but to think what a great asset Joe Torre will be to the Dodgers. After 11 years with the New York Yankees, Torre comes to the West Coast to make a much needed difference. With younger players such as Kemp, Either and Martin, Joe hopes that this year the Dodgers will make it to the World Series.

The Dodgers home opener is on March 31st and you guessed it...I will be there. The weather should be about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than San Francisco. Perfect weather to catch a baseball game, eat a Dodger dog and have three or four margaritas. This will be my third home opener and it never gets old. I drive up to Chavez Ravine two hours before the game, hang out in the parking lot enjoying the atmosphere of the die-hard Dodger fans.

I met many Dodger fans from L.A. through an online messageboard. Many of these fans enjoy traveling to see one of the largest rivalries in baseball history. The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants rilvary extends back to the 1950s when both teams were based in New York. Before the big move the New York Giants had won five World Series titles, the Brooklyn Dodgers had only one.

When the Dodgers decided to move to California, the Giants followed. The big move to the west coast happened in 1958 and the very first game played in L.A. was on April 18th against
the now San Francisco Giants. The animosity between both teams grew greater that night when the Dodgers won 6-5. Dodgers-Giants Rilvary is a great site for more info if you are a Dodgers fan or Giants fan.

This blog will focus on the Dodgers, but will cover baseball in all aspects. With huge deals and signings during the off season and the ongoing steroids investigation, I am sure there will be more than enough to cover. Remember for all your baseball info and rumors make sure to check out this blog often.
Go Dodgers!


Anonymous said...

Great blog on the Dodgers! Keep it up and leave us updated on Dodger news. Simon

JiratuX said...

Dude, this is a very well done blog. I don't even like sports and I was interested for the most part. It was very informative and I enjoyed the face that you have a theme. Good jod sir [tips hat]

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Caleb said...

Aw, baseball is in the air. It's really too bad your not an A's fan, but we can both hate on the Giants together. You have put plenty of things to interact with. And it shows that you really know your stuff, or at least care enough about your team to find it. Only one bad thing though. You make mine look half ass. Job well done.

Amanda Mac said...


I like the Giants!

I enjoyed your page it looked clean while at the same time had a lot of information.

See ya there .....

Dodgers vs Giants on the 4t of July!

Amanda Mac said...

4th *

Tony Fantano said...

Too bad the Dodgers stink. San Diego Pride all the way. You gotta realize the only good team in California and start keeping the faith.

Go Padres, Go padres.

It's all good though, good blog, good info.

from Tony Fantano

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the person above. If he just realized what he said and knew a damn about baseball, the Padres haven't won jack crap. Win a World Series and then you can brag buddy.

This is a great blog and very informative. The Dodgers are one of the most respected teams out there not just because of their winning tradition but the class they have doing it. Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Roy Campanella...the list goes on and on. Keep us updated on the new generation of youngins in true blue.