A San Francisco-raised, LA Dodgers Fan

At a Dodger game at AT&T Park

Dodger fans in the Bay Area are not unusual, but what might be unusual is a “raised in San Francisco- Los Angeles Dodger fan”.

People always ask me, “So, you’re a Dodgers fan? That must mean you’re from Los Angeles?”

“No”, I respond. “I’m from San Francisco”.

And here is where my story begins…
I was born in beautiful San Salvador, El Salvador in 1982 and then moved to the U.S. (specifically San Francisco- in the Mission District) on January 1st 1983. I grew up with mostly football and basketball, and a bit of baseball. Growing up in San Francisco I went to several Giants games but never really got into the sport.

During my teen years, I followed basketball (Sacramento Kings) and football (S.F. Niners). I continued to play no particular attention to baseball.
On Saturday August 7th 2004 I headed down south for a vacation trip to Disneyland. My boyfriend, a Dodger fan since he can remember, decides he wants to take me to a baseball game.

HOOORRAYYY!!! (Sarcasm) I’m not even a little excited but I go. The game starts at 7:10 p.m. against the Phillies. All I knew about this game was that the Dodgers were wearing blue and the Phillies were in red.

Look I still have my ticket stub from my first Dodger game.
After a Dodger Dog, garlic fries and three margaritas, I found myself cheering and yelling my lungs out for the Dodgers. I was even yelling obscenities to the Philly fans. Oh my gosh! This is so much fun! The energy in Dodger Stadium was nothing like I ever experienced at a Giants game. AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” was playing in the background.

I’m having a great time. Who would’ve known?

By the end of the seventh inning, the Dodgers have six runs, the Phillies have none. In an effort to tie up the game or take a win, the Phillies score a single run in the eight and two more runs in the ninth.

Somebody stop them already. STRIKE HIM OUT! STRIKE HIM OUT!

After one more margarita the game has ended and the Dodgers win with a score of 6 to 3. Hoorrrayyy!!!! The Dodgers won! I’m cheering, jumping up and down, and giving high-fives to complete strangers. This is great.

This was the day I fell in love with baseball. The day I fell in love with the Dodgers.

Below is a slideshow of some of my Dodger escapades.

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PrepDogg said...

Dodgers suck!!! Long! and Hard!....that is all